Trailers & Accessories

Colours/ Signwriting

Fortress Trailers come as a powder coated black and white base. (Although our design team have a few surprises coming up so watch this space for new and amazing paint options)

In conjunction with Auckland’s leading sign-writing company; ‘Signit’ we offer a wide range of aftermarket signwriting and colour options.

It’s important for your trailer to reflect your business and for it to stand out and highlight the nature of your business so we are happy to sit down with you and make sure we deliver the sign writing options that best suit your needs.



Fortress Trailers offers a wide range optional-extras for your trailers; come and talk to us about your needs so we can custom install what best suits your needs.

Optional extras include:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • GPS Tracking and Alarm System
  • Simple Signage right through to a full vinyl trailer wrap
  • Spotlights and lighting solutions
  • Fridge/ Freezer
  • Marine Stereo System
  • Extended storage solutions
  • Talk to us about any other ideas you may have, and we may be able to accommodate your needs

How to care for your trailer

Your trailer is a substantial investment for you and your business, so it makes sense to care for it accordingly.

Your new trailer comes with a 2-year Warrant Of Fitness from date of registration (annual WOF required after this period) but regular maintenance and inspection is required to make sure your trailer is safe and in top notch condition. Here are a few pointers on what you should be doing on a regular basis:



Check tire pressure on a regular basis, for heavier loads you will need to increase your pressure accordingly; check your tire inflation rating. (Commonly found on the tire itself; a general guide is between 40psi – 50psi dependant on trailer loading) Tire tread is also important and should be checked accordingly.

Wheel Nuts

Ensure these are tight; no need to over-tighten; just firm and not free turning. Replace any damaged nuts where required.

Lights & Wiring

Check all lights are working correctly; replace bulbs as required and ensure no wires are exposed or corroding.


These need a regular wash down and a light grease on occasion if exposed to both saltwater and regular road grime; check for any excessive rusting annually.

Towing Weights

Lastly and probably the most important; make sure the vehicle you are using to tow your trailer is in good condition and able to tow your trailer as part of the manufacturer’s specifications. Do not exceed the recommended towing weights or trailer ratings as injury or damage could occur.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings require annual checks which include regreasing. Check for any noises from the bearings or noticeable heat build-up after short distances; this is generally a sign that the trailer bearings need grease or full replacement.


These are an integral part of your trailers safety features and should be kept clean and serviced on an annual basis.


A general inspection of the frame for rust on an annual basis is recommended. Your trailer is both galvanised and powder coated which offer the best level of protection from rust. However, with road chips, knocks and bumps the trailers coating can degrade and expose the frame to rust; often a simple clean is all that is required to maintain the life of the trailer frame.

Jockey Wheel

Most trailers come with a jockey wheel. The main reason for this is to allow you to move the trailer over small distances. When your trailer is fully loaded you risk damage your jockey wheel if trying to move over longer distances.

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